Message from the President

“Contribute to the growth and development of our clients by meeting their expectations and needs.”

This is the motto of Compasso Certified Public Tax Accountants, Inc.
We always put our clients first, thinking about what they need, what they don’t need, and what they want, and try to provide proposals and advice that are one step ahead of their needs. We started out as a private accounting firm and now have nine offices in the Kanto area and a staff of about 220 people. We would like to express our gratitude to all of our clients who have placed their trust in us and have walked with us. We have faced many difficulties in the course of our business development and have grown together with our customers. We believe it is our mission to pass on these valuable experiences to the younger generation and contribute to the future development of our clients.
We are now in an era where anyone can perform accounting work more easily and speedily, and our role is also changing. However, we believe that the experience and knowledge we have cultivated so far is an area that cannot be covered by AI.
We will continue to place importance on communication with our customers and focus on human resource development so that we can provide support in areas that are not readily apparent in numbers, and establish a system that can contribute to the growth of our customers. All of our staff will continue to make every effort to meet your expectations.

Outline of Compasso

Tokyo Office
〒150-0043 Shibuya Place 9F, 1-10-5 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

branch office
Nerima Office
Takadanababa Office
Setagaya Office
Kawasaki Office
Yokohama Aoba Office
Chiba Nagareyama Office
Chiba Asahi Office
Kawagoe Office
Nagano Office
Number of employees
250※Group-wide(2020,As of September 1)
senior partner
Sumio Uchikawa
junior partnar
Teruji shirai
Atsushi Niwa
Akio Okuhara
Nobuaki Matsuoka
Isao Kimura
Masashi Kobayashi
Hiroshi Takahashi
Satoshi Shinoda
Kiyoshi Kawaguchi
Toshio Choumabayashi ※Professor Emeritus, Yokohama National University
Akihide Kojima
Qualification Holders
certified public accountant 5
tax accountant 30
who have passed the Certified Public Tax 15
who has passed four tax accountant exams 10
U.S. Certified Public Accountant 2
Lawyer 1
labor and social security attorney 10
Administrative Clerks 5
Residential buildings 2
Medical Practice Management Consultant 9
IT Coordinator 1
Group Companies
Sumio Uchikawa Certified Public Accountants Office
TKC labor insurance administration association
Compasso Social Insurance Labor Consultant Office
AMSGeneral Research Institute
Compasso Business Support,Inc
Saito LLP


account book

Kiyoo Uchikawa, the founder of Compasso, was born in Hakuba Village as a child of a shopkeeper named “Man-ya” and grew up watching him handle the ledger every day.
From this experience, he aspired to “spread accounting to small stores”, and that was the beginning of Compasso.


2004.04 establishment

2007.03Kawagoe Office opened

2008.04Chiba Nagareyama Office opened

2008.12Formed a business alliance with Saito Office, U.S. Certified Public Accountants.

2010.01Chiba Asahi Office Opened

2012.12Certified as a Management Innovation Support Organization

2013.09Yokohama Aoba Office Opened

2014.02Nerima Office Opend

2016.10Takadanobaba Office Opened

2017.10International Business Division established.

2019.11Nihonbashi Office relocated to Shibuya Office (Head Office) as International Division.

2020.09Setagaya Office Opened

2021.05Nagano Office Opened